Unlock the Power of Generative AI for Industry: Get Your Complimentary Guide Now!

  • 3 November 2023
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Unlock the Power of Generative AI for Industry: Get Your Complimentary Guide Now!
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Dear Cognite Hub Member,

We value your time investment with us. To give you a little extra back, we are pleased to offer you a complementary book - The Definitive Guide To Generative AI for Industry - to build your knowledge on what has undisputedly become the technology topic of this year.


Generative AI is grabbing attention from technologist to board rooms. It offers abundant excitement as it lists all the hallmarks of true disruptive technology. It is rightfully taking its place as the new ‘iPhone moment’ in global technology. It is also a little bit scary with its hallucinations, security, and overall safe application still very much unsolved beyond consumer applications.

The Definitive Guide To Generative AI for Industry is not focused on the deep-technical aspects of Generative AI (for that, we have different resources such as an article on The treacherous path to trustworthy Generative AI for Industry). It is written to be approachable to everyone involved in digital transformation initiatives: from technical implementation to change management; from IT to operations; from the field to the board room.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on the book, and hope you find the book worth sharing with your colleagues as well - thereby bringing them with you on this journey of discovery, learning, and value from Generative AI. Nothing removes uncertainty and doubt better than shared knowledge. Together, we can make Generative AI work for industry.

Last, I want leave you with a couple of snippets from the first review of the book by Unite.ai (you can access the full review here):


“While most books on Generative AI focus on the benefits of content generation, few delve into industrial applications, such as those in warehouses and collaborative robotics. Here, “The Definitive Guide to Generative AI for Industry” truly shines. The solutions it presents bring us closer to a world of fully autonomous operations.”
“Overall, this book is highly recommended for anyone involved in the industrial sector, which includes manufacturing businesses, process industries, engineering industries, and goods-producing sectors engaged in large-scale production and fabrication. It’s particularly beneficial for those wanting to leverage the data they collect, utilizing Generative AI to optimize business practices, streamline internal operations, and improve overall workflow.”


We value your time investment with us, and to repeat myself, I would like to thank you for your time reading this now.

On behalf of Cognite Team,
Petteri Vainikka


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