Cognite Data Fusion Achieves Industry First DNV Compliance for Digital Twins

  • 30 March 2023
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With our focus on real-world operational value, delivered at the core of mission-critical digital transformation programs, we are proud to announce being the first and only software platform in the world to achieve compliance with DNV-RP-A204, the energy industry’s recommended practice on how to build and quality-assure digital twins.


This certificate of cutting-edge industry standard compliance is further a validation that Cognite Data Fusion delivers best-in-class Open Industrial Digital Twins that:

  • Accelerate and scale AI Asset Performance Management solutions with cross data-source insights
  • Connect to physics simulators and deploy physics-guided machine learnings
  • Establish confidence in the data and computational models running the digital twin
  • Enable predictive analytics solutions like scenario planning
  • Deliver intuitive data visualizations that drive agility and value

You can read more on: Cognite Data Fusion achieves industry-first DNV compliance for digital twins.

If you have questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you here in the comments! Here are some of the Cogniters that’s been involved in making this happen: @Jan Danielsen @Stephanie Chong @Duminda @Geir Engdahl @Niklas Larsson @Joar Sæther @sara amar @Petteri Vainikka @Tollef Fog Heen @orjansteindal @John M. Lervik 



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