August 2022 Release – Charts General Availability

  • 17 August 2022
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Hello Charts Community,

Let me begin by saying thank you for all of your input, feedback, and contributions you’ve provided thus far. On behalf of the entire team, we couldn’t have made Charts into what it is today without your invaluable contributions.  


Charts General Availability

For our August 2022 Cognite Data Fusion release, we have announced that Charts is transitioning from early adopter to general availability! We are eager and proud to move this valuable functionality into its next phase of life.

In practice, it’s a stamp of approval that Charts is a reliable and stable Cognite Data Fusion feature. As we have done throughout our early adopter phase, we still intend to release new functionalities continuously and as soon as they’re ready to be made available. We will roll-up the communication in our bi-monthly CDF release communications, but will post in this group as soon as anything new is ready for use.


What’s next for Charts?

For the remainder of the year, our key focus area will be to more tightly integrate Charts with other Cognite Data Fusion features. We will be working with our colleagues across Cognite product development to create a more seamless and integrated experience across Charts, AIR, Simulator Integrations, Cognite Functions, Cognite Data Fusion (, and more.

We’ll certainly still prioritize granular, Charts-specific features — many of which have been requested here on Hub — during each sprint, however creating a more robust and holistic CDF experience will be our main goal through 2022 and beyond.


What’s next for this Charts “early adopter” group?

As for this group on Cognite Hub, we have opened this group from private → public (i.e. No longer need to “request access to join”). We have found it incredibly valuable to have this direct channel to all of you who are using and care about Charts, specifically, and we intend to keep this line of communication open. Eventually, we intend to transition all communications and discussions from this group to the community pages here on Hub. Before that happens, you’ll receive more information here.


This is only the beginning...

Being generally available does not mean we’re “done” building Charts by any means. We have only scratched the surface of the value we intend to provide. There is a long backlog of important features we will build, test, and iterate on in the months and years ahead, and we’re looking forward to working with you even more closely to gain the insight we need to build the best possible product experiences.

Once again, thank you Charts Early Adopters for your contributions until now and we’re looking forward to this next phase of product development!

All the best, 

- Eric & The Charts Team

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