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  • 18 July 2022
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Hi All, I’m Stig Harald Gustavsen. For the past 15 years, I have been spending a third of my time on the Valhall oil platform. I work there as a metering technician/engineer. My daily tasks are production allocation, operating, calibrating, and maintaining the fiscal and analytical measurement systems.

I’m incredibly passionate about Open Industrial Data (OID) and the concept of data sharing in general. I feel there is too little sharing of the data and information within heavy asset industrial sectors, mainly due to risk aversion. Humanity as a collective needs solutions on the industrial scale. When we withhold information, we hinder creativity and miss out on opportunities that we could leverage to create a better future together. A great example is how the internet has democratized information sharing in the commercial IT worldThe more heavy asset-oriented industrial world has yet to go through this reformation. Still, I hope and wholeheartedly believe the OID is the start of this. 

Just look at the IT infrastructure world: most servers are running open-source software. Datasets are shared, and there are competitions on Kaggle. Each day, we are a step closer to a more factful, elegant, and actionable reality in all areas of our lives. The Open Industrial Data project is a remarkable contribution to this goal. Additionally, the data inside is updated every 5 minutes, making it a living dataset.

From Open Industrial Data, you can learn both about dynamic industrial processes and data science. This combination of domains allows such creative insights that wouldn’t be possible in either discipline without this collaboration fueled by a data repository like Cognite Data Fusion (CDF). CDF makes data swiftly available through programmatic waypoints like APIs and SDK, streamlining it further. This sets the grounds for better decision-making and a better symbiosis between men and our machines.

I hope we’ll meet a lot in this community or one of the e-learning courses on Cognite Learn where we use this data. I will be here and try my best to help you explore the Open Industrial Data project.


Access Open Industrial Data here

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Excuse me, where can I get this data

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Hi @wangyaonan you’ll be able to fetch the data here https://publicdata.fusion.cognite.com/, hope that helps! 

Hi @wangyaonan, Thanks @Anita Hæhre for providing info, I also updated the articles with links to a web UI where you can search for and find the data. but you can also get this data through API or SDK’s wrapping the API. Here is an article with the OIDC credentials you need to access the data from the publicdata project.