.csv file Ingestion into CDF using Python SDK [Community Contributed]

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hello community, 

can anyone tell me is there any way to upload .csv files to CDF using Python SDK.


Best answer by roman.chesnokov 24 May 2023, 09:30

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To upload an actual file, check out:


Or do you want to read the data and upload for example the rows as assets?

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@Viswanadha Sai Akhil Pujyam to insert CSV as a RAW table, you can use the following snippet:

import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
from cognite.client import CogniteClient

TABLE_NAME = "table"
CSV_FILENAME = "source.csv"

client = CogniteClient()

client.raw.tables.create(DATABASE_NAME, TABLE_NAME)

df = pd.read_csv(CSV_FILENAME, index_col=0).fillna('')

client.raw.rows.insert_dataframe(DATABASE_NAME, TABLE_NAME, df)


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thank you roman_chesnokov

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