Cognite Charts: IF/ELSE Functions for Calculations [Community Contributed]

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I would like the ability to incorporate “If/Else” statements as a function in Charts similar to what is capable in Excel. There are some calculations that rely on certain conditional parameters to be met in order to define which mathematical approach must be taken.


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Hello, Christian.

Perhaps this will help. We have a logical check function that might help here.

Perform a logical check between time series/constants and returns the assigned time series/constants when the condition holds true or false. The logical check is performed following the format: Value 1 {operator} Value 2, where the operator can be Equality (==), Inequality (!=), Greater than (>), Greater or equal than (>=), Smaller than (<) or Smaller or equal than (<=)


Here is an example of it being used:


Best regards, Knut

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Hi Knut,

I believe this might be what the users were looking for! I will follow up if there are any more questions or concerns. Thanks!

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Hi @crgomez13 just following up to see if the above is what your users are seeking? 

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Hi Anita,

This covers what was needed by the user. Thanks

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That is great @crgomez13, thanks for confirming. We’ll close this thread for now, but feel free to reopen it anytime 🚀

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