Connect with peers. Solve your industrial problems. Get recognized for your contributions.

  • 7 February 2021
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Connect with peers. Solve your industrial problems. Get recognized for your contributions.
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Welcome to Cognite Hub! We’re here to create a space where builders and users of Cognite products can share knowledge, learn, collaborate, and connect with peers. Here are a few quick tips to get you started:


Let’s go on a quick tour of our community:


Connect with peers to learn and share. You’ll be recognized for your contributions. Choose the community that’s right for you: our Developer and User Community, our Digitalization Community, our Open Industrial Data Community, and/or any of the Community Groups. Ask the community anything about us, our products, or any other related question that might be on your mind. The community will take care of them quickly with its breadth of expertise. Don’t hesitate to start or join a conversation - every new opinion, a different perspective, and every question, no matter how simple or advanced, makes this community better. 

Discussion Groups 

We allow you to engage around specific beta products and early adaptor features in our Community Groups. See an interesting group? We’d love to have you join.

Knowledge Base

Search How-To Guides written by experts and peers, get inspired by other users in our Use Case Library, search for answers to your questions in the search toolbar, explore our Documentation, or contact SupportIf you have any questions about how to use Cognite Hub, please email us at 

Product Updates 

See all Release Notes and new product features for our products. This is where we will update you on all new features first.

Product Ideas

Share your Product Ideas with the community and our product team. Allow for others to upvote on your idea, and upvote on ideas submitted by others that you like. 


Sign up to be the first to learn about the latest Events exploring the future of your industry. The recordings will also be available for you here to view on demand. 


Our ever-expanding catalog of e-learning courses and training webinars to help you get the most out of your Cognite products.


Read all documentation 

Explore and enjoy, we look forward to seeing you around :bulb: 

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Great initiative ! 

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Thanks Nandha, we hope you’ll join the conversations! :bulb: