• 17 December 2023
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​​​​​​​Can Unified namespace architecture be implemented in Cognite Data Fusion

2 replies

Hi , 
 UNS can be implemented if CDF is paired with MQTT broker or an Event Streaming Platform ( Kafka, Azure Event Hub, or similar).  High-level blueprint : 

  1.  Install and configure MQTT broker or Event Streaming Platform. 
  2.  Connect SCADA system to MQTT broker. 
  3.  Create the data model representing UNS objects in CDF DM Industrial Knowledge graph.
  4.  Connect CDF to MQTT broker using CDF MQTT hosted connector. 
  5.  Subscribe to relevant MQTT topics (relevant to UNS tree) 
  6.  Define streaming transformation in CDF between SCADA message and object in the Industrial Knowledge graph.  

There might be variations of the blueprint based on UNS complexity and message volume. 


Please send me the network diagram and step by step details on how to do this setup.