Unable to calculate on Charts

  • 5 April 2024
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I am trying to perform a calculation on Charts but it does not work. It is a multiplication of 4 time series, all of them with a resample to granularity to 1m. One of them has real values and 3 of them are 0/1 steps.


When I zoom out, I can see the calculation and it shows a pick of values, that is not accurate as it shows average data. Although when I zoon in to see the data, the trend disappears, the error says “One of the time series has less than two values”.


As I resampled the data to 1 minute, I was expecting to see one values per minute, but it does not seems to happen. Is there other way to calculate the data correctly? 

Zoom in:


3 replies

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Hei hei ! Thanks again for getting this feedback to this and i am sorry that you have been having issues with calculations. Is the time series with 0 and 1 actually feeding 0s as a value or is it an empty time series at those points ?

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Hi @abraaotanan1,

If  you still observe this issue, please share the information requested by Arun  

Hello @Dilini Fernando, thank you for reminding me. 

@Arun Arunachalam, it is feeding with 0s as a values. 

But even if I use the resample granularity to 1 minute, it still does not show values for every minute, so it shows the error “One of the time series has less than two values”.