The Cognite OPC-UA Extractor is now open-sourced

  • 3 June 2022
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The Cognite OPC UA extractor reads data from OPC UA servers and writes data to Cognite RAW, assets, time series, events, and relationships, depending on how it is configured. 


Now, we’ve made the GitHub repository public.


The extractor serves as a comprehensive example for using the .NET extractor utils, or as a baseline for developing custom applications working with OPC UA and CDF.


The repository also contains the Cognite OPC UA Extractor test server, which comes with a CLI and can be used to test OPC UA client applications. Use this test server to simulate common server issues and generate data points, events, and even new nodes and references.


With the open-source OPC UA extractor code, you’ll get insight into how Cognite works with OPC UA which will hopefully make it easier to develop your own extractors.

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