Test out the new Interactive Engineering Diagram Flow on Fusion!

  • 22 June 2021
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Hello Developer Community,

The Contextualization team at Cognite released an experimental interactive engineering diagram flow on fusion.cognite.com  :chart_with_upwards_trend: . The old interactive engineering diagram flow still exists in fusion.cognite.com, however, it will be replaced with the new flow come August 1st. Thus, we highly encourage you to try out the new flow titled Explore and create interactive engineering diagrams. This new flow includes a plethora of new functionality and updates such as: 

  • Overview of all interactive diagrams in fusion.cognite.com 
  • Easy test setup for relevant file and asset links
  • Handling 1000 engineering diagrams in one go 
  • New P&ID preview component
  • Reducing and cleaning up technical debt

Again, we are still at the experimental stage, so any feedback we receive is beneficial to future iterations and to truly polish the interactive engineering diagrams flow. Please provide any feedback to the Contextualization Cognite hub group found here :helmet_with_cross:


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