Search does not give any result even for partial match (unless fuzzy is on)

  • 13 November 2023
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I’m trying to search for signals where I know some keywords in the name string. I’m not interested in any fuzzy matches but rather just like to see only results which contain a certain phrase. This seems not to be possible unless I activate fuzzy (which then gives to many results). Is there a way to activate “partial match” but without having fuzzy search activated?


Best answer by Dietmar Winkler 17 January 2024, 09:48

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2 replies

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The issue occurred when using the Data Explorer. But revisiting it now again it seems the “fuzzy search” option has gone as has the “partial match” option and the search now matches also partial and no longer tries too hard :-)

So it seems to have been resolved by the updated functionality of the Data Explorer itself.


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Hi @Dietmar Winkler, sorry about the tardy reply, and thanks for the question!

What are you searching for in this/these case(s), and where in CDF are you searching? Are you working against the API, with GraphQL, in Data Explorer in the CDF "Fusion" user interface, in one of our applications)? And when you're searching for a name, is that the name of a file/document, or something else?