SDK: extraction pipeline update method is not working as expected

  • 7 February 2024
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I’m trying to use Update extraction pipelines method to update my extraction pipelines created. Here are some issues i face:

1. I’m unable to update contacts for an extraction pipeline, it throws the below error:
code - 

contact_info = [ExtractionPipelineContact(name="sangs", email="", role = "MAINTAINER", send_notification=True)]
to_update = ExtractionPipelineUpdate(external_id="<PIPELINE-EXT-ID-2>")

error - 

“CogniteAPIError: Unexpected field - items[0].update.contacts.set[0].send_notification - did you mean sendNotification? | code: 400 | X-Request-ID: 918d1113-6a5e-9d38-b850-61e3dc54c220 The API Failed to process some items. Successful (2xx): [] Unknown (5xx): [] Failed (4xx): [<PIPELINE-EXT-ID-2>, ...]”

2. I’m unable to set the specified fields to None using sdk : description, source, schedule,documentation, name and dataset-id. Im able to set only metadata and raw-tables to None. Wondering why some are supported and some arent. is this the expected behaviour? below is the error i face when i make specified fields to None:

to_update = ExtractionPipelineUpdate(external_id="<PIPELINE-EXT-ID-2>")

error - 
“CogniteAPIError: Unexpected field - items[0].update.documentation.setNull - did you mean set? | code: 400 | X-Request-ID: 40485149-0d37-9f02-bed5-7d9dc32192d3 The API Failed to process some items. Successful (2xx): [] Unknown (5xx): [] Failed (4xx): [<PIPELINE-EXT-ID-2>, ...]”


3. i see “notificationConfig” is not supported in sdk yet. When can we expect it’s support?

7 replies

@Snehal Jagtap 

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Hi @Sangavi M 

I was able to recreate the issue. I will check and get back to you with an update.


Thanks and regards,
Pasindu Perera

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Hi @Sangavi M,

I have created a support ticket for this issue. The team will follow up and update you. 

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@Sangavi M Please try upgrading to the latest Cognite Python SDK.  I understand there was a bug.

The following code snippet works for me with v7.22:

update = ExtractionPipelineUpdate(external_id="csv:oee:datapoints")
update.contacts.set([ExtractionPipelineContact("jason", "", "sa", False)])
res = client.extraction_pipelines.update(update)


Hi Jason!

The update contacts part works now! Thank you. I’m still facing issue with updating documentation,source, etc fields to None 

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@Sangavi M , I set to an empty string (“”)


Hi @Jason Dressel !

setting to an empty string works for description,source and documentation but doesnt work for schedule:

CogniteAPIError: Request had constraint violation. Please fix the request and try again. [update.request.items[0].update.schedule.set: Possible values: “On trigger”, “Continuous” or cron expression. If empty then null. ] | code: 400 | X-Request-ID: 351a260a-f369-9670-bbaa-d6ed3bafdb8c