Power BI Dataflow Doesn't Retrieve Timeseries Data Correctly from CDF

  • 3 May 2024
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I’m trying to create a Power BI Dataflow using CDF timeseries data. The same data is retrieved absolutely fine when using Power BI Desktop and Power Query inside the Power BI Desktop app, but when I try to use exactly the same query as a Dataflow instead, there is a warning about:


“The query “Timeseries” contains columns with complex types that cannot be loaded.


Some data is retrieved, but it’s incomplete with big parts of it missing. Looks like the CDF connector is not able to retrieve the data correctly when a Dataflow is used instead of a normal Power BI Desktop dataset. Is there a way to make Dataflow also compatible with the CDF connector?



1 reply

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Hi @Ville Ikonen,

Are you still encountering this issue?