Not able to upload metadata using OPC UA Extractor

  • 25 October 2023
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Hi team,


I’m working on OPC UA Extractor. I have configured metadata-targets and configured metadata-mapping.

I’m not able to see the metadata along with timeseries data.

Please find the configuration in attachment and screen shot in CDF how timeseries data looks like.


please let me know if any additional configurations need to be done to see the metadata along with timeseries data. 


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7 replies

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Hi, are you certain the nodes have metadata at all? This is absolutely not a guarantee in OPC-UA systems.

Also, I don’t know what made you set the root node to `i=62`, but this will almost certainly not produce the result you want. ns=0;i=62 is the node BaseVariableType. If your server has timeseries, they will not be found under that node.

Hi Einar,

we do have metadata for nodes as we are verifying using UA Expert tool, i=62 is not a Base variable type or root node. 

Is it like you are trying to say that under root node we can’t find any timeseries data, correct me if my understanding is wrong.

I’m able to see metadata once metadata targets, meta data mapping is configured.


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I think you are either looking at a node with id `i=62` in the wrong namespace, or there is something wrong with the server. According to the OPC-UA standard, `ns=0;i=62` is the BaseVariableType node.

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Hi @Devi Iragavarapu Sri Sandhya,

I hope Einar's reply helped you. Let us know if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Thanks Einar for the Reply!!!


I have changed the configurations in yml file and used  metadata-targets and meta data mapping and  I can see  now the meta data along with timeseries. 

Previously I was using raw-metadata and raw session in config_example.yml and not able to get the meta data.


@Dilini Fernando  May I know even if we use  raw-metadata and raw session in config_example.yml file we will be able to get the meta data ?






The raw-metadata config option just says that the metadata should go into a table in CDF RAW.

You can read more about the config parameters here:

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Hi @Devi Iragavarapu Sri Sandhya,

I hope above helped you. As of now, I will close this. If you have any questions please feel free add a comment.