Interactions with Cognite Data Fusion in an Android app

  • 23 June 2022
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Today’s topic is about interacting with Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) from Android devices. Android devices can be phones, but also other kind of devices like hands-free devices (with speech commands).


Since Kotlin, the Android preferred language, has interoperability with Java, it facilitates the integration of interactions with CDF in your Android apps. You can indeed use our Java SDK in an Android application, which makes it really easy to retrieve and upload data from/to CDF. The Cognite Java SDK is complete and maintained.


This can broaden your thoughts/ideas about what to do with CDF. Below a few examples of what can be done :

  • Retrieve information from CDF to display it on your mobile device

  • Upload data to CDF from a mobile device, which can be useful in an industrial context

  • Using specific features, from mobile devices (like a camera for example) to upload particular data to CDF (raw, or to extract features from them with an ML model, thanks to a Cognite function for example) 


The authentication of an Android App, in CDF, is done in a secure way: in the same way as it would be done for any other application. 

@Atussa Koushan@Gaetan Helness@HaydenH  and @Sigrid Schaanning have some experience with this topic. If you have any questions/remarks about it, you can ask them here.

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