InField Year in Review 2022: A Thank You to the Community

  • 5 January 2023
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As 2022 comes to a close, we thought we’d take a moment to reflect on all the improvements that have been put into InField this year. From small bug fixes to big feature releases, from requests from Hub to user research sessions in person, many of you have contributed to make InField the best it can be for all its users.


Throughout the year, InField has been updated with a total of 30 updates packed with user-centered functionality and improvements – and at the same time, the InField team is rebuilding the foundational backend, which sets us up for 2023 and beyond. 


Users can expect to see major improvements to performance, much improved 3D- and file-viewing, better scheduling of checklists and more capable templates. While we’re working on that, here are some of the improvement and additions the team has made in 2022:


  • The Weekly Summary page was introduced

  • We updated the progress indicator to a new status bar, and made it available on mobile

  • Much improved formatting on descriptions on work orders

  • Updated design when joining a shared checklist



  • Smoother performance and updated layout of global search and search results

  • Updated logic on work orders details page



  • Weekly tasks are now always displayed in the top of checklists

  • Added “Sign in with Microsoft” option

  • PDF reports now display minimum and maximum measurement reading values

  • Better performance on SVG

  • Improved experience when navigating to and from open documents in InField



  • InField introduces “Sections”, making it easier to group tasks in checklists

  • Measurement readings within an expected ranges now automatically sets a task to “OK”, and readings outside the expected range are set to “Not OK”

  • Disciplines are now configurable in the InField configuration in Cognite Data Fusion

  • OPC UA time series data is now available on the Trends page



  • New banner encourages users to to set their discipline to better tailor InField to their role

  • Updated menu on templates and checklists, with clearer options and information about who created or edited a template



  • Users with extended access can now approve checklists on behalf of co-workers
  • InField can now automatically open daily routine rounds checklists for all users within a selected discipline
  • Improved navigation to the Overview page – clicking the tag in the topbar brings you to its Overview page



  • Users with extended access can now duplicate templates

  • Improvement to archived checklists on mobile devices, checklist reports, the template interval selection menu, opening shared checklists and more



  • Improvements to section with improved indentation and collapsable sections on both desktop and mobile

  • Updated logic on “Approved checklists” with better sorting of checklists

  • Improvements to uploading of images to InField



  • Alarm limits and value ranges are now available on Trends in InField

  • Two additional input types for measurement readings are added, specifically “In, Out, Up” and “Low, Norm, High”

  • Documents set with workflow status “Void” or “Superseded” no longer appear in InField

  • Introduced clicking Backspace and Delete on archived checklist to speed up deleting



  • With parent-child asset hierarchy on both desktop and mobile in the search results

  • Much improved filters on the table on the Revisions (work orders) page

  • Improved 3D experience on mobile, with more of the surround areas around an asset being shown 



  • Added progress indicator labels to all sections and subsections on checklists

  • Improved usability when setting a task status

  • Toggle between automatically and manually opening checklists

  • Select and view time series that are connected to an asset via “relationship” in the asset hierarchy


A big thank you to everyone who has contributed to InField in one way or another this year – your input really makes a difference, and we could not have shipped so many great updates without your help and input along the way!


We hope you have had a great start to 2023, and we look forward to continuing to make InField even better. We’ll keep you posted here on Hub as usual.


Happy New Year from the Cognite InField team


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