InField Demo using 55 inch Android Tablet?

  • 13 January 2023
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Hello @Kristoffer Knudsen 

@ibrahim.alsyed  would like to know if Cognite InField would work ok for demo purposes on a giant smartphone (android  55’’)

Celanese is planning to demo this to 100 people using something like this


cc: @MortenNesvik @Kriti Dhaubhadel @Philippe Bettler @piya dey @Ajo 


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7 replies

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Hi @Crystal Connor Richards ! 

Cognite InField would work fine on a screen of that size. However, InField determines if the device is a Desktop or Handheld device based on the device width in pixels. If InField determines that it is a Desktop device, touch features won’t work, so you would have to demo it using a mouse and keyboard. 

Do we know what the resolution of the device is? That would have an impact on the device width in pixels and therefore if InField would categorise it as a desktop or handheld device 😀


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Does this provide what you need? 

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The vendor emailed me the following resolution 1920x1080 (Full HD)


@Kristoffer Knudsen  what if i downloaded the app from the play store in android instead?

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any update on this?

@ibrahim.alsyed @Crystal Connor Richards Thanks for sharing the specs. Based on this, I looks like it will display the desktop version, but the layout might be jumbled. The app is not available on the app store unfortunately, only through the browser. 

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@davidhwu would Android to Android Mirroring or Casting work? If i took a my android phone and casted it on this giant android device? would the resolution still make it look like a desktop?

@ibrahim.alsyed I’m not familiar about the details surrounding mirroring/casting, but as long as the application is physically running on your Android phone it should render the mobile version on the giant android device as well.