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  • 25 April 2024
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Hello Everyone!


Exciting news! We're hosting Impact 2024, Cognite’s first User Conference, and we want YOUR use cases to shine. You can read more about Impact 2024 here.


Why Share your Use Case?

Your stories inspire. Share how your projects have driven real business impact, from boosting revenue to streamlining processes. We also welcome discussions on challenges you've faced and unresolved issues. This can spark meaningful conversations and potential solutions during the event.

How to Get Involved:

Submit your use case in this thread including it's impact. Based on the submissions, we will organize workshops to explore these use cases further. If your use case is selected, you will receive a free ticket to Impact 2024. We are committed to fostering a collaborative environment while respecting confidentiality and competition concerns, ensuring we all become better together.


Mark Your Calendars:

Submissions Open: April 25, 2024

Submission Deadline: June 30, 2024

Winners Announced: August 1, 2024

Event Date: October 14-15, 2024


Let's make a difference together! Questions? Reach out to myself or David White david.white@cognite.com. Can't wait to see your submissions!



9 replies

@Sverre Olsen would be super interesting if we could share something from the Digital Factory! 

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@Aditya Kotiyal 

@Geir Engdahl are you looking for use cases already implemented, or use cases the customer would like to solve? 

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@Geir Engdahl are you looking for use cases already implemented, or use cases the customer would like to solve? 

Solved use cases are the best, but UCs that you are addressing but not yet conclusively with outcome/value data are also of interest to our audience.

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@Ross Dawkin ; @Dan Newton 

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@Geir Engdahl here is a proposed use case from PGS:

Optimal vessel speed

The Optimal vessel speed use case overcomes a significant obstacle by addressing the difference in perceived and real limitations to vessel speed.  Previously, data was scattered across different systems, making it challenging to achieve a unified understanding. By enhancing transparency and integrating data across systems, the use case significantly improved the efficiency of seismic data collection. This transformation enables the vessel to operate at higher speeds, leading to shorter survey completion time.

For more information, see:


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Thank you for your submission @Sverre Olsen . Will get back to you soon on whether it is selected.

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With Cognite Data Fusion containing contextualized data from diverse data sources and data types, It would provide the ideal foundation to build a “Plant trip analysis and troubleshooting application” that displays and lays out chosen timeseries along with events from many many data sources. In the past users are limited to one or two data sources (such as DCS, SIS) and so analysis of events and context is limited to what is visible in the dedicated (siloed) systems and/or at times requires Engineers to access/analyze, using multiple tools.


Having access to relevant assets & documentation, maintenance history, operator actions, notifications, work orders, safety incident events etc. etc. from data sources such as SAP, Alarms historian, LIMS, BMS, SIS, Enablon etc. would definitely provide more context to a post trip troubleshooting exercise. Our team will finalize on the functional, design details and prioritize this use case, against other use cases in the queue.

@Geir Engdahl her is a proposed case from OMV and @Martin :

How OMV uses Cognite Data Fusion and Maintain in their Integrated Activity Planning process to reduce deferments and improve efficiency