How to get data from DataModels Views?

  • 21 May 2024
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Hello everyone, I’m facing a difficulty, and perhaps someone has already encountered this… I’m using the SDK to extract data using Python, but I’m having trouble finding the information I need. To access the data, I go to ‘Data Management,’ ‘Explore,’ ‘Data Models.’ I select a Data Model, click on ‘Data Management,’ and on the left side of Data Management, I need data from three tables (which I believe are views) that appear below the Filter. When I try to use cognite_client.data_modeling.view.list(), I can’t select one of these specific views; I can only filter parts of them, not the entire view. Does anyone have any guidance or tips on how to select the entire ‘table’ that appears in Data Management?


Best answer by Dilini Fernando 11 June 2024, 13:32

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Additional information: If I switch to the ‘DataModel’ tab/icon, I can see the ‘Type’ in the Editor, as well as the ‘table’ I want to query within the flow on the right-hand preview

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Hi @Andre Luiz Dalazen 

I have created a support ticket. Our team will follow up and provide updates through the ticket.

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Hi @Andre Luiz Dalazen,

I will proceed with closing this thread as the support ticket has been resolved.