Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Flexible Data Modeling

  • 16 February 2022
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Below we have outlined several frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers.

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Q: What is the plans with Templates going forward?

Please check out the documentation here



Q: Will there be new features built on top of Templates?

Yes and no. We will not be doing any development of backend features (like new capabilities) into Templates. However, we will actually be building a lot of additional tooling on top of Templates (better UI, visualization layers, code generation, CLI etc.). Stay tuned in this Cognite Hub to see how you can use these tooling.


2 replies

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What’s the relationship between data models created using FDM and Assets? Will everything be created as an Asset type or is there are new data types that match the model?

I can build data models and I understand how that works, but I’m unclear on how I populate a data model. Are there instructions on how to do this?

Suppose I have 2 data models that both include an equipment class. When I create an instance of equipment, will it contain properties from both equipment classes? Or, do I create two equipment instances and relate them somehow?

How does entity matching work with flexible data models?

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FDM is a new service, so no data you create there will appear as Assets. However, throughout 2023, we are planning to mirror Assets etc into FDM so you will find data both places.

To populate data, you can follow the guide in the documentation. In the beta version, we have not opened the APIs for data ingestion, but this will be a public API once we reach general availability (GA) in the February release.

If you want two data models to share the same equipment class, you will have to wait for GA, as it is not properly supported today. Data model types are independent today. 

The entity matching APIs can be used directly if you want to use it on data in FDM. The APIs assume no specific resource types, so you are free to use them as you wish. In 2023, we’ll update the UIs in fusion so you have the nice, guided experience too.