fact extraction from drilling reports

  • 4 January 2023
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Would like to know in detail about the fact extraction from drilling reports. Is there any capability in CDF to do such fact extraction and relevant methods to process drilling reports?


Best answer by Jaijith Sreekantan 5 January 2023, 10:18

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3 replies

Hi Vikram

The core of Cognite Data Fusion relies on knowledge representation learning. CDF do have the capability to the extract relevant intents and entities out of daily drilling reports and represent them as knowledge graphs which could be further queried . We have recently published a paper on ADIPEC on the approach, predominantly to extract anomalous events of interest along with their context from DDR. Sharing the same here.

Have a nice day and a Happy new year.

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Hi Jaijith

Thank you very much for your information! It would be great if you could share with me slides, samples or any demo related to fact extraction from Cognite, which will definitely help us to get things working with Cognite way of fact extraction for our systems.

Hey Vikram. Unfortunately I cannot point to any documentation besides the paper for the workflow.  Using CDF platform, contextualised documents (DDRs) with the drilling sequence data, we build the end to end solution leveraging cognite functions, transformations and python sdks. We adopted transformer based architecture for Named Entity Recognition and generating the triplets for Knowledge Graph. We will definitely consider documenting this workflow for future references. Thanks a lot. Have a nice day ahead.