Exporting dataset from one tenant to another in CDF

  • 18 April 2024
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Hi Team, 

I have a dataset consisting of Timeseries, Assets, Files and Sequences in one tenant. I wanted to export this dataset into another tenant. Is it possible for exporting the whole dataset as a zip file and then importing to the other. Or is there any other method specified by CDF for the same .


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@Risa Shereen 
Without knowing your exact use case (one time batch or recurring incremental process) you could accomplish this in a combination of several approaches:
You could run the end 2 end data pipeline from the source systems into the new CDF project.  This demonstrates repeatability of your pipelines and possibly the ‘easiest’.

Alternatively, you can use CDF Transformations to read from one CDF project and write to another CDF other.  Have a look at the credentials for each Transformation.  You’ll see that there are different read and write credentials.  This will work for Assets, Time series and Sequences metadata. To move the bulk data for Timeseries DataPoints, Sequence Rows, Files, you will need to use the SDK.