Duplicate nodes in transformation (FDM)

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I had run transformation giving me error for Duplicate node externalIds for space 'PDM' 

even after deleting all the data from the model for space PDM still giving the same error, I also verified by api still there is no data still giving the error for Duplicate node externalIds for space 'PDM' .



Best answer by Anders Hafreager 22 June 2023, 11:22

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Duplicate node externalIds only occurs if the same transformation tries to ingest the same node twice in the same API request. Can you please check your data source to ensure that you don’t use the same externalId twice? Let us know how it goes:)

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Hi @Anders Hafreager is there any way we can ingest this data with same externalId, As have deleted the data from the model with transformation?

And also we are not using same extrenalId twice in the transformation.

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You can ingest with the same external id, so this should not be caused by that. This is very likely to be duplicate externalIds in the transformation, which is easy to do by mistake. Can you run the same transformation to RAW and verify that all the data is there without any duplications?

If you are certain there are no duplicates, it would be great to get more information about which transformation it is, so we can investigate with the team.

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Hi @Amit Rane,

If the question is still valid, please share the information requested by Anders. 

Best regards,


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@Dilini Fernando we have removed the duplicates externalIds from the transformation as suggested by @Anders Hafreager and the transformations are running smoothly.

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I ran into the same duplicated externalIds error during a transformation

How did you remove the duplicates externalIds from the transformation? Is there a query example that you can share? Thanks.

@Anders Hafreager @Dilini Fernando  @Amit Rane