Does CDF support timeseries ingestion with non numeric values

  • 17 November 2023
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Does CDF support the direct ingestion of timeseries with non-numeric values ( enums).  If the workaround is to convert enums to integers to ingest, this is unnecessary overhead and a limitation. Also have to remember to convert the values back for visualization. 

2 replies

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CDF supports direct ingestion of non-numerical timeseries data. You can provide datapoints in either numerical and string form.

So yes, you don't need to convert enums or strings to numbers - you can ingest them as strings. 

However, we have many helper functions if you want to map the enum values to numbers. This is often used if you want to normalize or standardize enum values across multiple machine types and equipment suppliers.

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We currently do not natively support enums in Time Series (for example for representation of machine states), however this is in our roadmap for 2024 (though possibly second half of the year due to other priority items in the queue)

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