Data Explorer (all resources tab) inconsistencies

Data Explorer (all resources tab) inconsistencies.

  1. Login to CDF

  2. Navigate to Data Explorer screen.

  3. Search the Asset name e.g: 'Inlet separator' in search field.

  4. Click on the All-Resource tab to open.

Expected Results: All resources screen data should be relevant to the Asset which user searched in search tab.

Observed Results: All resources page does not point to relevant relationships – better to focus on direct linkages.

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Hi @Rani Supriya !
Thanks for taking the time to give feedback. 

In Data Explorer when you search for an Asset, like “Inlet separator” and look at the All resources tab, then we first show you results for your query (“Inlet separator”) for all the resources - as you have not yet chosen a result to deep dive further in to. If you click on one of the results (for example the first asset popping up in the “Assets” widget), then you are taken to that specific asset where its All resources tab contains only data related to this asset or any of its children assets. If I understand you correctly, it is the difference between open search where we show you results across all resources and the experience when you have selected a specific resource that you are pointing to - let me know if I’m wrong. 

Have you tried the new Search experience? It is available to opt-in to try from the landing page of In the new Search experience, we have a great focus on directly related data! Would love your input there. 



Sofie Berge, Product Manager. 


Hi @Sofie Svartdal Berge,

Thank you for your response!

We will try the new Search experience and come back to you.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we work towards resolving this issue together.

Best Regards,




Could you please provide update regarding this issue.
I look forward to your response and assistance in resolving this issue.

Best Regards,