Configure an OpcUA Extractor to push a NodeSet to CDF

  • 20 July 2023
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I am trying to configure an OpcUA extractor to push a NodeSet2.xml file to CDF. I have it basically setup and if I run it, there are no obvious errors, but I don’t see any kinds of assets being imported. 

Am I expecting too much? Is the functionality in place to import an OpcUA Nodeset as Assets into my CDF project. 

If anyone has this working I would really appreciate a copy of the config file you are using



Best answer by Einar Omang 24 July 2023, 09:06

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Hi Adrian,

The extractor does support extracting nodes from a NodeSet2 file, though it takes a little configuration to make happen.

You need a list of nodeset files under source.node-set-source.node-sets. This must include any dependencies of your nodeset file, which generally includes the base nodeset.

You also need to set `node-set-source.types` and `node-set-source.instance` to `true`, in order to tell the extractor to use the node set as authoritative source.

This config file should work, if you fill it in with credentials:

- url:
- file-name: path/to/my.NodeSet2.xml
types: true
instance: true

project: ...
idp-authentication: ...

id-prefix: some-id-prefix
name: true
description: true
context: true
metadata: true
name: true
description: true
context: true
metadata: true


Thanks Einar
That is very helpful

Hi Adrian/Einar.


How do we setup NodeSet2.xml ?

Does it should be present in the server or it can in local path?

What is the limit  or no.of rows  that can present in NodeSet2.xml.





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I showed you how to configure it above, it needs to either be present at a URL available from the extractor, or locally.

There is no limit on the number of nodes in the schema, but the extractor will load everything into memory, so if the file is very large you may need a lot of memory on the computer the extractor is running on.

Hi Einar,

Thanks for quick Reply.

Can you please share a sample NodeSet2.xml.

If it is in local  where we need to keep this xml  is it in Extractor folder for best results?




Sri Sandhya


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You can find a NodeSet2.xml file for the base OPC-UA node hierarchy at

you will always need to reference this XML file, since all other NodeSet files depend on it.

It does not matter where the file is located on the extractor machine.

Ok Einar