Cognite Data Fusion Bootcamp - 1st Edition

  • 22 December 2022
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December 15th 2022 - SLB Offices @ Pune, India

On the week of Dec 12th to Dec 16th, Maureen Byrne (Software Engineer), Maria Fonseca (Technical Support Engineer) and me (Data Engineer) travelled to Pune, India, to deliver the first Cognite Data Fusion Bootcamp for eighteen participants from SLB and Infosys.
This training delivery marks a milestone for customer and partners of Cognite: this is the first training where Cognite instructors guide them through an end-to-end deployment of Cognite Data Fusion, including data integrations and solution-building.

The bootcamp is an intensive 5-day training program that focuses on a complete deployment, bringing the different steps together with DevOps best practices from CDF bootstrapping to solution deployment, monitoring, and operations. Congratulations to the participants of the first bootcamp for gaining their Cognite Data Fusion Bootcamp Certificate!

The three of us were very impressed by how fast the participants adopted DataOps tools and practices presented to them throughout the course. We also learnt a lot from the experience people in the room had with delivering end-to-end solutions. ‘For my part, I learned a lot about SLB’s service-offering and had great discussions on how to best  enable CDF to support this with the participants’, Maureen adds.
Through working hands-on with industrial data in a training environment that simulates real-life projects, participants understand both the big picture of project delivery and the practical details to keep in mind when developing a production-ready solution with Cognite Data Fusion.

The participants most appreciated the possibility to practice all the activities hands-on. As Eashwar Dharbaran Natarajan, Senior Data Scientists (Infosys) puts it, ‘The best part was to get an overall understanding of working with clean data from Cognite Data Fusion and building a data model that we later used to derive insights and extract value.’

Another participant highlighted that the tasks were easy to follow and built on implicit knowledge from previous chapters, making learners think and understand how different tools like Cognite Functions fit into the deployment workflow.

Each day we explored a different step of the deployment:

  • Day 1: configuration of Cognite Data Fusion and the Azure Active Directory to set up access control

  • Day 2: data creating pipelines and integrating data into Cognite Data Fusion

  • Day 3: running integrations and calculations in Cognite Data Fusion

  • Day 4: transforming and contextualising data

  • Day 5: unlocking the value of data and solving a use case by visualizing data




Would you like to check out if the bootcamp could be something for you? Let us know in the comments below! The bootcamp is available through Cognite Academy from Q2 2023.

3 replies

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A great first edition of the CDF BootCamp! Maureen, Maria and Pedro, together with the Academy team delivered an outstanding week of challenging but fun exercises. Highly recommend to attend and get a hands-on, DevOps  oriented experience, deploying and maintaining CDF with a relevant Industrial DataOps use case!

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Hi @Maria Fonseca,

I need  a required consent to the application in AAD to complete a bootcamp exercise.
here is the link of my granfana instance:
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@Nikhil Bokade please use the group designated to ask questions regarding the bootcamp. I was not able to grant access since there is an issue with your current configuration.