CDF new "Browse 3D" feedback

  • 16 April 2024
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@Ragnhild Byrkjeland, @perolssoen, and @Christopher Tannum 

After using the new scene functionality in CDF, there are several things that I like about the application but also am experiencing some challenges that I believe need to be addressed before we can get end users to leverage the application:

  • the asset layer seems to take a while to load on the backend. Not sure if there’s a way to set this up to load faster?
  • once assets are loaded, the pop-up window that shows the contextualized information is very glitchy - rendering it almost un-useable
  • In general it doesn’t seem like the asset overlay is very reactive to a click of the mouse, but more of a hover over which seems less intuitive for end users
  • It would be great to have a speed slider - like the one that was present in remote - to fine-tune the navigation. This will be particularly helpful when we bring in our subsea models into the scene
  • It would be great if we could set certain attributes to default to be toggled “off” when first loading the scene. Example: we’d like to have a single scene that contains both CAD and Point Cloud data, but would like to default the point clouds to be off when first launching the scene

Overall I like the direction this application is going. The alignment if 3D objects using point and click is excellent!

1 reply

Thanks for the feedback!

Most of your comments is already in our backlog to be improved. And we are change the whole experience of detail cards overlaying the 3D scene, which we do believe will improve the overall experience a great deal. 

I will note down the request abou speed. I guess the need is to move quickly over large/wide areas? 

I will also note down the scene config request. We are thinking that the next build out of scenes is more in these lines. Fits well with time line. Though we would like to get the concept tested abit before we go for the next chunck of improvements. 

Again, thanks for engaging and providing the feedback. This is the best input for us when prioritizing improvements, and the way forward.