Bug SDK - Data Modeling instances

  • 12 June 2024
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On behalf of Celanese, I would like to report an issue we encountered with the SDK Data Modeling instances aggregate, where the filter format changed from yesterday, 06/11, to today, 06/12. Until yesterday, the "equals" filter worked, but today it broke all the calls that used it and had to be modified to the "in" format, which did not work correctly until yesterday.

Another bug to report in the aggregate call is that when an array of group bys is sent, the return structure has also changed, no longer receiving a structure with externalId and space, but a string concatenating the two in the format: "space:externalId”, and its nomenclature changed from "GroupByName" to "GroupByName.__direct_relation".


4 replies

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@Larissa Trindade thanks for raising this. Can you please provide the two SDK versions you are using for these samples?

Thank you for reporting. This is definitely a regression on our side - we will roll out a fix ASAP.

Could you please share the full aggregation request you sent for the second issue?

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Hi @Larissa Trindade,

We are delighted to let you know that the problem has been successfully addressed and all issues related to it have been resolved.