Are there any plan for sharing charts within a group?

  • 11 March 2022
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If you are to share a chart today, you have to share it with everyone. Are there any plans for making it possible to share it with a specific group? The reason for asking is that we have a project that is interested in using charts, but they only want to share their charts with their own users. 



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3 replies

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Hi Ola and thanks for the great question. 

Yes, this is absolutely on our roadmap and a request we’ve also received from other members of this group. 

Right now, we’re working on the foundational capabilities so you can grant specific people or groups of people access to a particular chart. This will also lay the groundwork for managing who has read vs. comment vs. edit access for each chart. 

It’s still too early for us to give a concrete date or deadline for when this functionality will be available, but as soon as we have more information to share, I’ll mention it here in Cognite Hub.

And once we start working on the user experience design, our designers @Emmy Reehorst and @Sebastian Skar will definitely be interested in having a call with you to hear more about this request and how you and your colleagues work together.

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Just a comment here. This is a fundamental functionality which need to be in place before we can consider start using Charts. 

We have one team which consider if it’s sufficient for their usage of time series visualization. Not sure if you and @Ola Øyan had a chat, if not we should follow up after Easter.

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Hi @Anders Willersrud and thanks for the input. This kind of feedback is very helpful and feeds directly into the prioritization discussions we have within our team.

We haven’t connected with @Ola Øyan yet, but what you suggested about following up after Easter sounds like a great idea. I brought this up during our team standup today, so either myself or @Sebastian Skar will be in touch after the holiday weekend with some potential dates and times. During our chat, we’ll want to dig into why this sharing functionality is so important and how you and your team are currently working together on time series data.

In the meantime, god påske!