3D Model Contextualization

  • 27 June 2024
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I have loaded a 3D model but in the documentation, I only see a manual way to contextualize the 3D model (link an object in the model to an asset). I converted our model to NWD, imported and found the name of the asset appears in cognite.client.data_classes.three_d.ThreeDNode. So I pulled out the API and contextualized the 3D model with python. My question: is an automated method to contextualizing the model not provided? If it is not provided, does anyone care to share how they are contextualizing the model.

2 replies

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Hi @David Motte 


Hope you are well and thank you for posting this topic in the Hub, we appreciate it.

Please refer to this documentation

This describes the current contextualization process for CAD models. Let me know if you have any further concerns.



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Hi @Udantha Wijeweera 

I saw the link you reference but that seems to be a manual approach to contextualizing a 3D model. I’m looking for something much more automated.

I’m looking at this: It suggest there is an option to “Match 3D models” but I don’t see that option despite setting the capabilities required listed in the same section.