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  • 16 May 2024
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In the documentation it is mentioned that 10,000 timeseries is the limit in each subscription. Is this the hard limit or it can be changed based on use cases?


We are using CDF workflow and in that our first function to read data points subscriptions to get the timeseries and datapoints. Based on our use cases, 10,000 number for timeseries in subscription is too small. We are considering 10,000 wellbores and 200 properties. (10,000 * 200 = 2 Million timeseries).  Any recommendations?







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3 replies

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Hi Niranjan,

I’m the product manager for Time Series, thank you for your feedback!

Currently, 10,000 is a hard limit in the API, but your feedback can influence our development plans.

I will speak with the team to understand what technical limits might affect your request here.

May I ask though, would it not be more ergonomic to have multiple subscriptions where the time series are grouped by some criteria?  One example might be to have a single subscription per wellbore to group all the properties, or a single subscription per group of wellbores based on area or similar?

I assume it’s desirable to have a single subscription as you’re doing a bulk sync to some other storage?

Kind regards, Glen

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Hi @Niranjan Madhukar Karvekar,

Has the information provided helped you address your concerns?

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Hi @Niranjan Madhukar Karvekar,

I hope the above information was helpful. I’m closing this topic for now. Please don't hesitate to create a new post if you have any further questions.