Cognite Reveal 3D SDK, v3.2

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The Cognite Reveal 3D SDK, version 3.2, brings a number of capabilities to application developers integrating 3D into their applications:

  • The CameraManager can be changed in runtime to allow end-users to switch between navigation modes. Note that this must be enabled in the application using Reveal.

  • Add point-to-point measurement support to your application with a few lines of code using MesurementTool. This is supported for both CAD and point cloud models.

  • Support for high-quality blend modes for point clouds. This opt-in feature enables high-quality visualization for point clouds and is suitable for powerful hardware configurations.

  • This release also includes bug fixes and minor improvements. See the Reveal 3.2 changelog for details.

 See our interactive documentation with live examples to test these and many other features without leaving your browser.


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