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Cognite Data Fusion - April 2021 update

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Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) is the industrial data operations and contextualization platform that makes traditionally siloed operational, engineering and IT data instantly available to users across the organization, enabling better decision making and intelligent workflow automation to improve operational performance.

This release focuses on the end-to-end data journey with fast and secure authentication to all Cognite applications using your organization's IdP. We currently support Microsoft's Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).

Also, speed up time spent getting value for operations using the new sample function for contextualization and add events to a Grafana dashboard to visualize and analyze your CDF data.


Manage access with OpenID Connect

Register the CDF portal application and other Cognite applications in your IdP (Identity Provider) and use OpenID Connect and your IdP framework to manage user and service principal (app) identities securely. We currently support Microsoft's Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).

Visit the Manage access to CDF quickstart to learn more about the basic authentication concepts and terminology, secure access to CDF, and the different ways an application can access CDF data. Explore the docs for the technical details.


SQL Transformations CLI and Cognite Extractors support OpenID Connect authentication

Transformations CLI users, scheduled transformation jobs, and Cognite extractors can now authenticate using OpenID Connect and Azure AD.


Accelerate data set contextualization

Speed up your contextualization with the entity_matching.suggest.fields function. Supply the function with data samples to return suggested fields you can use for entity matching in the API, SDK, or UI. Learn more here.

Use existing matches to automatically generate matching rules to apply to all your data. Learn more here.

Add input naming variations to the entity matching model to improve the suggested matches, for example, pmp for pump and bhp for bottom hole pressure. To create a list of synonyms, use replacements in the API. Learn more here.


Visualize, track, and analyze events in Grafana

Boost your insights by adding the CDF events resource type to your Grafana dashboard. To visualize events, you can customize the time range and events to display and rename and organize columns according to your needs.

By default, the events annotation query returns events that are active within a time range, but you can customize the query with additional time filters.

Learn moreVisualize events


Templates (Early adopter program)

With Templates, you build your view of the data you have available in CDF and simplify the applications and solutions you are working on by accessing data through templates. Templates remove the gap between the application’s data model and the preexisting structure of the relevant data. It is easy to scale your solution across more data without changing or redeploying your application code or configuration. Instead, you can work with your template in CDF, and use the tooling available to scale to more data with governance.

Learn moreManage templates


Charts (Early adopter program)

Use Charts to exploretrend, and analyze industrial data. Find, understand, and troubleshoot for actionable insights from time series and contextualized P&IDs already in the CDF portal application or other Cognite applications then share the chart for collaboration. Charts runs securely with a single, secure sign-in.

Learn moreGet started with Charts


To join an Early Adopter program, contact your Cognite representative.

Thanks for the update! Happy to find this update and updates about improvements in apps and other functionality in one place! The next thing that would be highly valuable is a roadmap showing what will come in the future. I hope to see that in the near future too:relaxed: