Remove outdated CDF Assets from PSN viewer

  • 11 April 2024
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As a user I don’t want to find outdated assets (facilities and wells) inside the PSN Viewer.


As one of the traits of the Versioned Asset Hierarchy, CDF assets disappearing from the source will not be removed from CDF but will lose their relationships. Therefore, CDF assets to be displayed in the PSN Viewer must have at least one active relationship. At the moment, the implementation of this rule is missing.


The PSN Viewer in Cognite Maintain shall feature only wells and facilities having at least one relationship to a target from the Production System Network. CDF assets from other Hierarchy sources (i.e., I&M Hierarchy) must be removed from the PSN Viewer’s search functionality.

2 replies

Thats great! Waiting for their response and happy to work on a solution jointly!
BR Martin

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Hi @Martin,

We are looking forward to engaging in further discussions. Our engineering team will be in contact with you soon.