Infield checklists - Operating in spare equipment

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On behalf of Celanese Bishop users:

In some units, we have several equipment that operate in spare: while one is working, the other is stopped and periodically they switch. Roughly, half of the equipment in each unit operate in this condition.


During the rounds, the operators have to take readings from the equipment that is working at that time.


What we have done so far in Infield is creating tasks for both of them, but this leads to around a quarter of the readings to be set as “Not applicable” or to be left empty. Both options are far from ideal: while the first could detract from the user experience and potentially introduce additional barriers to adoption, the latter creates confusion when delving into the details within the summary dashboards (in the lines of “were these tasks left empty intentionally or they are just missing?”).


Therefore, we request an improved way of configuring these checklists, so the operator can just set which equipment is operating and the readings will be taken only for this equipment. The spare one, ideally, would not have any readings to take.

Hi @dalvaniamp!

Thank you for suggesting this product idea. We will follow the traction this idea gets in the community. You can expect updates on this post if we decide to include this in our future roadmap, or if we require more information.