InField 2.0: Template Version History

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In InField 1.0, we could at least see the date when a given template was last edited and by whom it was edited by. (see attached picture). 

In InField 2.0, we lose this ability - it would be helpful to understand what the last change was and who made the change in order to follow up with that person and ask follow up questions.

 @Hunter Beck are there any updates on this feature?

Hi @Marcela Young - sorry for the late reply. 

Thanks for the feedback and highlighting this need. Will bring this one into the backlog. 




NewGathering Interest

Hi @Kristoffer Knudsen 

Any updates on this feature request? Is this something planned for the roadmap? 

Hi @crgomez13

Not currently planned for a release, but I’ll add it to the roadmap as this is a very obvious feature request. 



Gathering InterestPlanned for development

This item was discussed internally with Ram and it was agreed that this is high priority for Celanese.