InField 2.0: "Mark all remaining tasks as" dialog box

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Feedback from one of the learning facilitators (template creator) is that the dialog box that pops up after selecting "Mark all remaining tasks as" for a section is unnecessary. They said they would like to get rid of it because even if they mark all the tasks as something on accident, they could still undo this one by one.

If anything, the option dropdown in InField 2.0 should have "To-Do" as an option in case the checklist user wants to reset the status.

Hi @Marcela Young - thanks for providing feedback on this. 

We identified a small implementation bug in this feature, and have already added it to the backlog to update it. This feature was originally designed to only have the dialog box pop up if there already exists tasks within the group that has already been done (e.g. state already set to ok or not ok). If this is the case we want the user to be assure that by “marking all remaining tasks as..” they will override these statuses. In short, by default it shouldn’t pop up and we will update this feature. 

Would the functionality described above solve your need?