Improvement to PI and PI-AF extractors documentation

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Checking the online documentation for PI and PI-AF extractors, you will only find a single version of PI-AF-SDK which is supported by them: PI AF Client 2018 SP3 Patch 3. But it wont say which versions of PI Data Archive and PI-AF the extractors are compatible with. It would be great if the docs could mention the range of versions of those two components that are supported.

Hi Fabio!

Thank you for suggesting this product idea. We will follow the traction this idea gets in the community. You can expect updates on this post if we decide to include this in our future roadmap, or if we require more information.

- Marius

Hi @fabioterasaka and thank you for the product idea.

As the new Product Manager for our extractors, I’ve had to poke around in the documentation and our private repositories to try and gather “the whole story”.

As you point out, our documentation highlights the “PI AF Client 2018 SP3 Patch 3” client as the supported client. As far as far as I can tell, this client is exclusively for the 2018 PI Server software from Aveva(tm).

I recognize that our verbiage on the documentation page could be a bit more explicit about this fact, so we will update the docs to reflect the Aveva(tm) PI server version that is supported by the PI AF Client we want for the our PI and PI AF extractors.

Hello, Thomas,


PI AF Client 2018 SP3 Patch 3 has support for various versions of PI Data Archive and PI-AF Server, as outlined in this OSIsoft article:


In any case, if you’re planning to clarify what versions of PI and PI-AF servers your extractors support (this was my initial request), you may want to also consider if there are any limitations on the Cognite side that would further limit the PI and PI-AF versions (e.g. perhaps an older version (or newer version) of PI or PI-AF has features or paradigms that are incompatible/inconsistent with CDF - this is just a hypothetical example of course).

Just adding a screenshot of the OSIsoft article for convenience