Dates of checklists on the list view are missing

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It's hard to tell the date of each checklist in the checklist view. As a process expert, it would be nice to have older checklists especially have dates so that it's easier to find more recently opened ones.


Hello Marcela, 

Just a quick note to acknowledge that your product suggestion has been received and will be assessed by the appropriate Product Manager who will be in touch.

Thank you!


Hi @Marcela Young, thanks for reaching out. 

Agree - we are looking into adding filters on this view to e.g. separate older/recently opened checklists. 



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This idea came up again today as learning facilitators are starting to use 2.0. It needs to be clearer which ones are older ones with a fuller view on the date. Not all process experts would be able to see the checklist from the overview page and complete it.

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@Kristoffer Knudsen any updates on this request? This was brought up again by another user.