creation of data set from extraction pipeline

To create an extraction pipeline, you need to select a dataset

it would be convenient to be able to create a dataset from that page directly or at least to have a link to go directly to the dataset creation page which could be hard to find for a new user

Hi @Gaetan Helness!

Thank you for suggesting this product idea. We will follow the traction this idea gets in the community. You can expect updates on this post if we decide to include this in our future roadmap, or if we require more information.

Just to verify @Gaetan Helness: You’re requesting a way to either define/specify a fresh/not-yet-created dataset and be prompted for the expected information, or to have a link to the “Data Catalog” → “Create a data set” form, from the “Integrate” → “Extraction pipelines” → “Self hosted extractors” or “Hosted extractors” Fusion page(s), correct?

Correct @Thomas Sjølshagen ! thank you

for example, on azure, when you need to create a Virtual Machine, you also need to have a Resource group, it gives you the possibility to create it directly from the Create Virtual Machine menu


if we can have something with a similar user experience, would be great in my opinion