Copy a project of activities

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As a functional planner I would like to copy a project with a set of activities as they will repeat for the next project such that I dont have to create the activities again and save time

Today the workaround is the functional planner exports and imports the activities again.

NewGathering Interest

Hi @Marius Biermann

this week i was asked again from a functional planer how we can copy activities! I think we should revise the description here a little bit: Need to copy “one” selected activity from a plan (into the same plan) e.g by selecting the activity -> and similar to “Edit attributes” we could add “Create copy” and then the pop up is opening up like  you click the “Add activity” button with all attributes from the “original activity” pre-filled!

That would help the most planers already as a first step, and might be easier then create a copy of multiple activities! Would have a high priority on OMV Austria side! 

Any suggestion if that could be feasible? Thx in advance!

Hi, Martin


This is possible for sure. Let’s prioritise the next features for in the upcoming hub session!


cc @Kristin Hærnes Ihlen