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I would like to emphasize the need to have touch screen interactions with the 3D Model especially in Remote. We like to use large touch screen interactions to colloborate in large meetings. 

Hi @ibrahim.alsyed 

This is popular request and we will being working on this feature in October, for a targeted end of year delivery for multi-touch large screens. In 2023, if there is enough customer demand the next step would be to have gesture for small screens like tablets, but that would require a different UI.  

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See the same idea for small screens like tablets: 


Do we have an update on this? I am hoping we have a release by end of year and its already December.

Hi @ibrahim.alsyed basic touch screen interactions are implemented and will be launched with Remote 7.0.0 release, which is planned to happen on Dec 16th.

We will be testing this. Thank you.

Is this completed?

Hi @ibrahim.alsyed 

Sorry for replying so late. 
This feature is already available in the new remote 7 version which was released on December 19th. The browser version was tested with Chrome, Edge and Firefox. If you are using desktop version, you need to delete the old version and install the lastest one. 

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@Philippe Bettler can we ensure that we get the latest version of desktop app scripted and made available in the software center