Cognite InField: Synthetic Tag Library

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On behalf of Celanese Clear Lake InField super users:

As a user, I have no way of knowing which synthetic tags are existing outside of my checklist/template items without having to search through CDF. This is a problem if we decide to rework our checklist/template items and create new tag names without realizing that there may be an existing tag name for that line item/asset with linked historical data.

I would like to see some functionality that lets me see/search existing synthetic tags for my unit within my template. This could be a simple dropdown when adding an item to a checklist/template. This will allow users to maintain continuity and retain historical data linked to specific tags where a new tag does not need to be created.

@Kristoffer Knudsen  FYI

Hi @crgomez13 ! Yes, we are aware of this need and the frustration it causes. Planning to incorporate support for something like a “drop-down” :) 


NewPlanned for development

@Kristoffer Knudsen This is great news! Thanks for the update!