Cognite InField: Adding Checklists Items to Templates

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On behalf of Celanese Clear Lake InField super usres:

When creating/editing a template in InField, I would like the ability to choose where my new line item is added in my checklist. This is especially important when editing existing templates that could have hundreds of line items. InField by default creates the new item at the bottom of the checklist and I would then have to click and drag the item where I would like it to be. This process is very time consuming and tedious. If instead, I am able to insert new items anywhere within my checklist it would save so much more time.

Hi @crgomez13 - thanks for the feedback. This is something we’ve seen the need for across users, especially when working with (as you point out) large templates. Will bring it back to the team. 

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When will this be implemented in InField 2.0? @Sara Aasly @Kristoffer Knudsen @Hunter Beck