Cognite Data Fusion: Ability to save layouts/templates for data filters

Related products: Search and Data Exploration

On behalf of Celanese super users:

I would like the ability to save layouts/templates for common filters that I use when searching for data in CDF. Currently, every time I use CDF,  need to apply similar filters in order to focus my data search, such as dataset and/or additional metadata filters. If I was able to utilize user defined layouts this would make the user experience more streamlined and approachable. 

Hi @crgomez13 !
Thank you for this feedback! I fully agree with you on this need. We have added this to our roadmap, and will update you when a timeline. 


Sofie, Product Manager (Data Exploration, FDX/Search)

We have discussed this internally and agreed that this is of High Priority to Celanese.

Hi @rsiddha and @crgomez13

Functionality to let end users define filters and save them for quick access is estimated in H2 this year.