Charts: Request for Functionality Enhancement

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I am writing to request a new functionality for your Cognite Charts which is related to the line graph feature. Specifically, I would like to see the implementation of a feature that enables the alignment of multiple vertical axis tick marks on the same position.

Furthermore, I would also like to suggest the implementation of a feature that allows the alignment of the origin position of multiple vertical axes on the same level.

These functionalities would greatly improve the user experience by enhancing the readability and clarity of the line graph data. It would be greatly appreciated if you could consider these suggestions for implementation in future updates.

Thank you for your attention and I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Hello, and thank you for the suggestion.

I’m not sure if this answers your question, but if you want to align more accurately the vertical axes there are a few options. 

First is if they have the same unit, you can merge the axes by enabling the lowest option here:

Tip: If they don’t have the same unit from the source system, you can override this in the unit section in the table. Even use a custom unit input here.


Second, which unfortunately is a hard feature to discover is that in a small region at the top and bottom of a vertical axis you can write the axis start and finish values manually:


If you were looking for something else, please let us know.


Best regards, Knut Vidvei

Thank you for your response regarding my request for functionality enhancement. I appreciate your efforts in considering my suggestions and providing a solution.

I am glad to hear that the suggested functionalities have been already implemented and I find them useful. However, I would also like a feature that would allow users to align the tick marks of multiple vertical axes with different scales at the same position. This would further improve the readability and clarity of the line graph data and make it more user-friendly.

Thank you again for your attention to my request, and I appreciate your continued support. Please let me know if there is any further information needed.

Thank you for the response. 

Would you please clarify if I understand ypu correctly. 

Is the issue that when you have multiple time series with multiple axes that are not aligned you get too many grid lines? Perhaps you could add a screenshot with an example?

Best regards, Knut Vidvei 

Thank you for your response.

You have understood the issue correctly. When there are multiple time series with multiple axes that are not aligned, it results in too many grid lines, making it difficult to read the chart.

I will be sure to send you the requested screenshot separately. Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.

Thank you, 

Then I understand your concern and we'll take this into consideration. I appreciate the detailed explanation. 

Best regards, Knut Vidvei 

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