CDF: Files under a searched asset in "Tree" view should have additional metadata like P&ID title

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Filling out on behalf of an engineer super user: 

When looking through the files of an asset, I only see the P&ID number in the “Tree” view. There should be more information like P&ID title or other details while still in the Tree view so it’s easier to understand what the P&ID contains without having to enter each P&ID/equipment drawing to find out.

Scratched the names out in the image below, but say you have a P&ID named “12AB0123” - this doesn’t tell the user very much information. 


Hi @Marcela Young!
Apologies for the late response to this feedback. 

In Industrial Data Search, we want to improve this experience. We are investigating how to best support file classification in the user interface, and this is great feedback on the needs from the user. Including more than just the ingested title/name of the P&ID does indeed seem to be important for the user to identify which P&ID is the correct one. I’ll get back to you when we have more to share or a defined timeline for having a better experience available for the user. 


Sofie Berge, Product Manager

We have discussed this internally and agreed that this of High Priority to Celanese.