CDF File Extractor for Sharepoint

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  1. Problem Description: Cognite File Extractor for Sharepoint is not able to recursively retrieve documents from a Sharepoint site where site and sub-sites, e.g. Document Control System
  2. Alternatives explored:
    1. Provide Sharepoint URL as mentioned in documentation for site (Sharepoint Online | Cognite Documentation)
      1. Results: no errors, however, no documents are loaded
      2. Evaluation: recursion does not occur from site-level down to the document or folder level where Sharepoint stores documents
    2. Provide document library and folder / sub-folder
      1. Results: working, however, sustainability not ideal
      2. Evaluation: will require potentially >100 URLs to be configured and kept up-to-date in case of new document libraries or folders created or deleted
  3. Recommended enhancement
    1. Recursion from root node (Sharepoint site). E.g. if site URL is provided recursion should go through each sub-site (if present) to document libraries and sub-folders to retrieve documents

This should be treated as high-priority. Item 2B above can be seen as a work-around but maintaining Sharepoint URLs in config up-to-date will require coordination/sync with source – likely through custom

Hi @ibrahim.alsyed! 

Thanks for the product idea. Have forwarded it to the relevant product team who will follow up in case they have any questions.

- Marius